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HGH is a growth hormone

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1. Improve the growth environment of cells (refer to the improvement of the internal environment)

The enzyme progenitor contained in HGH has the function of scavenging metabolites and capturing free radicals. It can promote the formation of SOD, scavenging free radical and metallothionein.

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2. Provide essential nutrients for cell growth

HGH human growth hormone contains all the nutrients necessary for human life. Abundant protein, lecithin, brain phospholipid, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, the combination of these components, whether from the composition or content proportion, are natural, scientific and reasonable collocation, easy to be absorbed and used by human cells.

3. Activate and repair senescent cells and maintain the normal metabolism of cells, tissues, organs and systems

HGH contains features a wide range of cytokines, such as a variety of immune active factor and stem cell growth factor, also contain growth substances necessary to repair cells, these substances to dormant in the human body cell activation or aging of cells, makes more cells to produce biological effects (services) for the human body.

Growth hormone is a group of hormones that regulate and control the endocrine mechanism of animals so that nutrients entering the body can be redistributed in a beneficial direction according to human needs for the growth of animals. Hormones regulate (increase or decrease) the rate of certain physiological reactions, but they do not by themselves provide the energy for the process or initiate new metabolic responses. Thus, excessive stimulation of the original response can be just as harmful as hormone deficiency.

Growth hormone acts throughout the body and promotes the growth of the body (bone, muscle and organs) by contributing to protein synthesis, glucose metabolism, regulating renal function (glomerular filtration rate) and water metabolism, and increasing cell permeability to amino acids. This hormone has interspecific, the growth hormone in cattle is only effective for cattle, used in xenozoa, not only does not promote growth, but also will occur adverse reactions.