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Bulk Supply in Stock Phenylalanine Powder for Whitening Skin


Bulk Supply in Stock Phenylalanine Powder for Whitening Skin

Phenylalanine Powder-OASIS

Product Phenylalanine
CAS 175357-18-3
Grade Food grade
Purity 99%

What is Undeceno phenylalanine?
Undeceno phenylalanine a white powder and is dissolved in a polar solvent such as ethanol. It can also be dissolved in the final pH of 6.5 (dissolved in heat). Since Undeceno phenylalanine is a derivative of amino acids, the molecular structure has amphoteric properties, and thus,
There is the characteristics of isoelectric point, the isoelectric point of 5.0-6.2, when the molecular solubility of the lowest. And in a solution having a pH of less than 5.0 or greater than 6.2, the solubility gradually increases.

Phenylalanine Powder-OASIS Phenylalanine Powder-OASIS


Undeceno phenylalanine Is the melanoma cell hormone synthesis process plays an important role in the molecular antagonist, compared with the traditional whitening agent(Hydroquinone,Arbutin,Kojic acid and so on), its whitening freckle effect is more significant, and more secure.

Undeceno phenylalanine mainly on the melanoma cells on the cell membrane receptor (Receptor) G protein, and through the black. The cytokine (α-MSH) competes for the receptor position and prevents the binding of α-MSH to the G protein, thereby cutting off the source reaction of the black synthesis. 

Further affecting the various stages of biochemical reactions of melanin initiated by alpha-MSH, resulting in a cascade of biochemical reactions that effectively inhibit melanin production (see Figure 2). It is also because DEP-11 can cut off the source of melanin synthesis and lead to a number of links to fully inhibit melanin production, which makes it with the traditional whitening agents (such as arbutin, kojic acid, hydroquinone, vitamin C magnesium phosphate, etc.) 


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