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Chia seeds' application

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Chia seeds are used for food

A food raw materials: Chia seeds have been widely used in different countries, such as Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Japan, the United States, Canada and Australia. Mainly used in beverages, cereal bars, biscuits, noodles, bread, yogurt, etc.

B nutritional supplement: Omega-3 extracted from Chia seedss is made into capsules and can be used as a nutritional supplement for Omega-3.

C used as perfume: Chia seeds oil contains a variety of volatile components and can be used to make flavoring agent as a source of aromatic components.

D modified material: the surface of Chia seeds contains mucopolysaccharide, which can be used as raw material for embedding and film modification.

Chia seeds are used to control pests

Chia seeds leaves contain β- Caryophyllene, blue eucalyptus alcohol, pinene dichloride and other compounds can effectively resist insect damage.

Chia seeds are used in medicinechia seed powder supplier - Oasis

A control of blood sugar: Chia seeds contains high dietary fiber (about 5g fiber per 12g of Chia seeds). The water-soluble dietary fiber expands after absorbing water, and its volume is several times of the original. This leads to people's feeling of satiety, slows down digestion, and makes blood sugar and insulin relatively stable at a certain level.

B reduce cholesterol: research shows that omega-3 can reduce triglycerides, and Chia seeds contains β- Sterols can reduce cellular cholesterol content.

Safety of Chia seeds

In 2009, it was considered as a new food raw material by EFSA (European Food Safety Agency), and through scientific verification, Chia seeds will not cause any allergy, anti nutrition or toxic and side effects.

In 2014, according to the relevant provisions of the food safety law of the people's Republic of China and the administrative measures for the safety review of new food raw materials, Chia seeds is now approved as a new food raw material.

Chia seeds affects ecology

Chia seeds has super reproductive ability, and there is no relevant planting report in China. After introduction, it may cause the degradation or even extinction of the original species, causing serious damage to the ecological balance.