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Coenzyme Q10 98% Powder CAS 303-98-0 for Anti-aging

Coenzyme Q10 98% Powder CAS 303-98-0 for Anti-aging   
Coenzyme Q10-OASIS  
Product Name  
Coenzyme Q10  
Yellow to Orange Crystalline Powder  
Odor &Taste  
Test Method  
Melting Point  
48 °C - 52 °C  
CAS No.  
Molecular Formula  

Coenzyme Q10 introduce  

Coenzyme Q10 is a kind of ubiquinone, appears as odorless, orange-yellow crystals or powders.
It is an essential to human life. It plays a role in the electron transport chain, one of the body's energy-producing cycles that converts food into energy. Research indicates that supplementation with this nutrient may support normal heart function andprovide antioxidant protection

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Coenzyme Q10-OASIS  


1. Generate energy in cell and help as vitality booster  
2. Help to treatment of cardiovascular disease
3. Anti-oxidation activity
4. Help to treatment of Parkinson's disease
5. Remain gums healthy
6. Increase immunity
7. Postpone senility
8. Coenzyme Q10 is used by cells to produce energy needed for cell growth and maintenance.
9. Coenzyme Q10 is also used by the body as an antioxidant in cosmetics.
10. As drugs for treatment of disease of lungs and heart. Coenzyme Q10 is preventive for cancer, diabetes,  parkinsonism


1. Anti-aging:
Decreased immune function of increasing age is the result of free radicals and free radical reactions, coenzyme Q10 as a powerful antioxidant alone or in combination with Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) in combination inhibited the free radicals and cell receptors on immune cells differentiation and activity of microtubule associated modification system, strengthen the immune system, delay aging.

2. Anti-fatigue acute and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS):
Body of non-specific immune enhancer, so show excellent anti-fatigue effects, coenzyme Q10 cells to maintain a good health condition, so the body is full of vitality, energy, brain abundant.

3. Beauty:
Long-term use of coenzyme Q10 to prevent aging skin and light to reduce wrinkles around the eye, as coenzyme Q10 can penetrate into the skin growth layer of oxidation of reduced photon in tocopherol can start the help of specific phosphorylation of tyrosine kinase to prevent oxidative damage to DNA, inhibition of UV irradiation of human dermal fibroblast collagenase expression, protect the skin from injury, has significant antioxidant, anti-aging effect.

4. coenzyme Q10 for the adjuvant treatment of clinical disease following
Cardiovascular diseases, such as: viral myocarditis, chronic cardiac insufficiency. Hepatitis, such as: viral hepatitis, subacute hepatic necrosis, chronic active hepatitis. Comprehensive treatment of cancer: can reduce the radiation and


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