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Food Additive Natural Sweetener Meso Erythritol 60-80mesh


Food Additive Natural Sweetener Meso Erythritol 60-80mesh

Meso Erythritol-OASIS

Product Meso Erythritol
CAS 149-32-6
Grade Food grade
Purity 99%

Erythritol is a novel sweetener with a caloric value nearly zero. It is the only all-natural sugar alcohol available today. Erythritol is a new natural low-calorie biologic fermentation sweetener,which exists in many kinds of fruits, vegetables and animal tissues etc.

Erythritols sweetness degree is about seventy percent of cane sugar,the caloric coefficient is nearly zero (0.2kcal/g), only 1/20 caloric abilitycompared with cane sugar and 1/15 caloric ability compared with xylitol. It feels pleasant cool. Erythritol has good biologic tolerance, the max humantolerance of erythritol is 2.7-4.4 times of sorbitol and 2.2-2.7 times ofxylitol. Erythritol cant be degraded by enzyme, so it is very suitable forpatients suffering diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cardiac disease because ofno catabolism. Because it has the characteristic of resisting streptococcuseroding tooth enamel, it can resist decayed tooth effectively.

Meso Erythritol-OASIS Meso Erythritol-OASIS


1.Erythritol can be used in cakes, cookies and biscuits at a level up to 10% to dramatically increase baking stability and shelf life.
2.Erythritol gives baked goods longer freshness and softness. In baked goods, using erythritol results in more compact dough and softer products.
3.Less color formation in baked goods results from use of erythritol.
4.Erythritol has a different melting behavior.
5.In confections, erythritol is non-hygroscopic (doesn't absorb moisture in the air), provides good gloss, breaking characteristics and melting properties in the mouth.
6.Erythritol crystallizes quickly .
7.In some candy such as fudge and fondant, erythritol works well with maltitol to control crystallization.
8.Erythritol works best if fine ground or powdered but can be used in it's crystalline or granulated form for hard candies.


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