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Hot Price Pharmaceutical Grade Bodybuilding ACP-105 Powder


Hot Price Pharmaceutical Grade Bodybuilding ACP-105 Powder 

ACP-105 Powder-OASIS

Product  ACP-105
Purity 99%
Grade Medical grade


ACP-105 was created to help as a treatment for patients undergoing degenerative bone disorders. It was used for disorders such as arthritis and osteoporosis. It was designed to offer a safer alternative to anabolic androgen steroids and prohormones. It binds to androgen receptors found in the bone tissue and also in the muscles. Because of its strong anabolic effects, it is comparable to testosterone but it is much safer. Using it is a safe way of gaining lean muscle, strength and endurance surprisingly without any serious side effects.

ACP-105 Powder-OASIS (33)


  • Quick and effective healing from injury or over-exhaustion.

  • The enhancement of cognitive skills and memory due to the increase of androgenic receptors in the brain.

  • Increases energy and stamina.

  • A significant increase in muscle mass is noticeable within the first week of use.

  • Reduces muscle waste and encourages its growth.

  • It allows the body to utilize abnormal fat and burn it off.

  • It could potentially be used for curing prostate and breast cancer as well as cachexia.

  • Reduces water retention and bloating due to it being non-aromatized.

  • It is stronger than testosterone pills and safer to use than regular steroids.

ACP-105 Powder function-OASIS

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