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Improve appetite, increase passion-GHRP-6  

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GHRP-6 is an important member of the peptide family. Today we focus on analyzing its "passionate and delightful" side

1. Let me talk about appetite and increase in several aspects

GHRP-6 is a hexapeptide composed of L-amino acids and D-amino acids. It is a synthetic simulated ghrelin. It can directly increase the serum ghrelin level and significantly increase the user’s desire to eat. In addition to also promoting growth hormone , In addition to the secretion of insulin growth factor, and its most prominent effect is to simulate the human body's own ghrelin (a polypeptide hormone in the human body) to promote gastric emptying, produce a strong sense of hunger, and inhibit the secretion of its own ghrelin to change The metabolic conversion mechanism of sugar achieves the effect of gaining muscle while not growing fat, only increasing lean body mass.ghrp 2 ghrp 6 supplier- Oasis

2. In terms of increasing passion and desire, you definitely want to know this

In terms of libido, G-6 does not directly act on the hippocampal pituitary gonadal axis, but directly binds to the impulse to increase sexual desire through cerebral cortex receptors. The role of G-6 is simple and direct. It will directly be responsible for the final result and ultimately improve User's libido. In a series of user cases, the researchers found that removing the animal's ghrelin receptor will greatly restrict the animal's appetite and sexual desire.

3. Recommended combination of muscle gain

1. HGH+GHRP-6 growth hormone is matched with G-6. After using for more than 3-4 months, the user's appetite will increase greatly, and she will gain very pure lean body mass. Of course, peptides and steroids are also a better choice!

2. HGH+GHRP-6+IGF-1 IGF-1 can focus on increasing the dimensionality of the target muscle group and the number of muscle fibers in the entire plan. IGF-1 is an intramuscular injection and direct injection to increase unsatisfactory dimensions and weak muscles group.

3. HGH+GHRP-6+IGF-1+FST344 FST344 is used when the gene limit is finally broken. 344 is definitely the crystallization of science. 344 can directly break growth barriers and destroy "myostatin" to achieve a terrifying growth dimension!