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High quality Methandrostenolone Injection Oil 50mg Methand-50 Steroids oil for Muscles


High quality Methandrostenolone Injection Oil 50mg Methand-50 Steroids oil for Muscles 

Methandrostenolone Injection Oil-OASIS

Structural Formula Vector Image Title: Methandrostenolone

CAS Registry Number: 72-63-9

CAS Name: (17b)-17-Hydroxy-17-methylandrosta-1,4-dien-3-oneAdditional Names: 17a-methyl-17b-hydroxyandrosta-1,4-dien-3-one; 1-dehydro-17a-methyltestosterone; methandienoneTrademarks: Danabol; Nerobol; Nabolin; Stenolon; Dianabol (Novartis)

Molecular Formula: C20H28O2

Molecular Weight: 300.44

Percent Composition: C 79.95%, H 9.39%, O 10.65%Literature References: Anabolic steroid. Prepn by microbial dehydrogenation of 17a-methyltestosterone: Vischer et al., Helv. Chim. Acta 38, 1502 (1955); by reduction of 17a-methyltestosterone with selenium dioxide: Meystre et al., ibid. 39, 734 (1956); Wettstein et al., US 2900398 (1959 to Ciba).

Properties: Crystals from acetone + ether. mp 163-164°. uv max: 245 nm (e 15600).

Melting point: mp 163-164°Absorption maximum: uv max: 245 nm (e 15600)

NOTE: This is a controlled substance (anabolic steroid): 21 CFR, 1308.13, as defined in 1300.01.Therap-Cat: Androgen.Therap-Cat-Vet: Anabolic.Keywords: Androgen.


Methandrostenolone Injection Oil-OASIS (23) Methandrostenolone Injection Oil-OASIS (24)

Methandrostenolone Injection Oil function-OASIS

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