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  • Medical efficacy of reishi mushroom extract


    Medical efficacy of reishi mushroom extract1. anticancer activityAnimal cancer research (e.g. rat connective tissue cancer model) shows that 50% of tumors decline after treatment with reishi mushroom extract. Read More

  • Reishi mushroom extract


    The yield of the extract is between 4-6%, and there is no loss of the refined powder1 Reishi mushroom extractreishi mushroom extract is extracted by reishi mushroom fermentation process, and the main components are reishi mushroom triterpenoids and reishi mushroom polysaccharides. Read More

  • Introduction to reishi mushroom


    Reishi mushroom is called "immortal mushroom" in China and has been used in Oriental medicine for more than 2000 years. In recent years, its active ingredients have become the subject of in-depth research. Read More

  • Main value of blueberries


    Main value of blueberriesBlueberry nutrientsBlueberry fruit is not only attractive in color, but also unique in flavor. It can be eaten fresh and processed into a variety of foods suitable for all ages. It is deeply loved by consumers. Read More

  • Blueberry potting Technology


    Blueberry potting TechnologyIf you want to plant blueberries, you'd better choose a clay pot. The mud tile basin has strong air permeability and low price. The disadvantage is that it is not very beautiful. Read More

  • Fertilization time and quantity of blueberry


    Fertilization time and quantity of blueberry⑴. Fertilization of young trees: apply fertilizer once in March and may after planting, and apply 300-500g organic fertilizer or 30-50g potassium sulfate compound fertilizer. Read More

  • Cultivation techniques of Blueberry


    Cultivation techniques of BlueberryOpen field cultivationGarden selectionThe orchard should be located in an area without air and water pollution, with convenient transportation, water source and electricity. Read More

  • Adaptive seedling refining and rooting of blueberry


    Adaptive seedling refining and rooting of blueberryIn adaptive seedling refining, first place the bottle seedlings ready to take root outside the bottle in the greenhouse, remove the shading net in the greenhouse. Read More

  • Breeding method of Blueberry - part 3


    Tissue culture of blueberryThe cutting propagation technology of blueberry is relatively mature, but the coefficient of cutting propagation is not high, the efficiency is low, it occupies a large area of land and facilities, the cost of manual management and agricultural materials is high. Read More

  • Breeding method of Blueberry - part 2


    Breeding method of BlueberryGreen cuttingCuttings preparation for green cuttings: the cuttings of blueberry green cuttings are mainly taken from the open ground in the growing season. Read More

  • Breeding method of Blueberry - part 1


    Breeding method of BlueberryCuttage propagation Cutting propagation is one of the main methods of blueberry seedling cultivation. Compared with tissue culture propagation, it has low cost, can maintain the excellent properties of the mother. Read More

  • The development of blueberry fruits can be divided into three stages.


    According to the development of berries, the development of blueberry fruits can be divided into three stages.Rapid growth period: within one month after fertilization, this period is mainly characterized by rapid cell division and proliferation. Read More

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