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  • Spirulina powder‘s introduction


    It is easier to absorb than spirulina.Introduction to spirulina powderSpirulina powder is made of fresh Spirulina after spray drying, screening and disinfection. Read More

  • Chia seeds' application


    Chia seeds have been widely used in different countries, such as Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Japan, the United States, Canada and Australia. Read More

  • Nutritional value of Chia seeds


    Chia seed is the seed of Salvia hispanica L., a mint plant. It originates from southern Mexico, Guatemala and other North American regions. Among them, the best quality is called tiger pattern Chia seeds. Read More

  • Details of the top ten international core standards for w+nmn quality management


    Details of the top ten international core standards for nmn quality managementManufacturing process management system:Does the manufacturing process also affect the health of NMN? Read More

  • NMN is absorbed by the epithelial villi of the small intestine


    What is NMN nicotinamide mononucleotide? Difference between w+nmn and NMN, NMN administration methodologyWhich is better, buccal tablet or capsule? Read More

  • Nmn keeps the male longevity protein in a high activity state


    The data showed that the pregnancy rate, live birth rate and litter size of the 0.5g/l w+nmn intake group were significantly improved.Male:Nmn keeps the male longevity protein in a high activity stateAfter taking w+nmn. Read More

  • What is NMN nicotinamide mononucleotide?


    The difference between w+nmn and NMN, w+nmn multinational authoritative clinical validation report release:The effect of w+nmn on the rejuvenation of human physiological indexesDaood sindiakr published a document in Xiyu. Read More

  • The new standard of the upgraded version of w+nmn


    The difference between w+nmn and NMN is that the utilization rate of w+nmn is large: it rises from one level to ten levels of purification, and the affinity and utilization rate of human body reach the peak. Read More

  • Look at NMN nicotinamide mononucleotide


    In addition to using cosmetics to maintain their youthful appearance, many people now also use oral care products and health products to fight aging. Read More

  • Vitamin a physiological function and application - part 2


    Vitamin A promotes growth and development and maintains reproductive function. Reproductive tissues and mammalian embryogenesis depend on rar for gene regulation. Read More

  • Vitamin a physiological function and application - part 1


    Vitamin A has a wide range of important physiological functions in human body, which mainly includes vision, regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation, intercellular information exchange and immune response. Read More

  • Prevention and treatment of vitamin A deficiency


    Vitamin A deficiency is the main cause of blindness in children in developing countries, and it is also a common nutritional deficiency in children in developing countries. Read More

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