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Peptide! CJC-1295 plays a role in increasing muscle mass and reducing fat?

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CJC1295 is the most commonly used growth hormone releasing hormone. It has a half-life of 7 to 8 days, so the injection frequency is relatively low. This is quite popular among professional players. The secretion mode of endogenous growth hormone is pulsed, although CJC1295 The pulse frequency cannot be increased, but he can increase the baseline growth hormone level and increase the serum growth hormone level. This way, the amount of growth hormone released by the pituitary at the same pulse frequency will be greatly increased. In addition, growth Inhibitory hormone is also an important factor that needs to be considered. The higher the level of this hormone, the less the secretion of endogenous growth hormone. CJC1295 has such a special function that it will use growth hormone to inhibit hormone secretion intermittently to stimulate pituitary secretion. More growth hormone to maximize the secretion efficiency of growth hormone.CJC 1295 DAC for sale- Oasis

From the perspective of increasing the level of endogenous growth hormone, there are two peptides that can achieve this effect. The first type is growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) CJC1295, which can be represented, and the second type is growth hormone releasing hexapeptide (GHRP-6). Can represent