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S4 can build lean muscle mass and reduce the development of adipose tissue

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S4 is a regulatory factor that binds to the androgen receptor and causes changes in the structure of the androgen receptor.

There are 3 types of chemicals that respond to the androgen receptor (AR). There are antagonists, agonists and modulators. An agonist is a type of chemical substance attached to the androgen receptor, while an antagonist has the effect of attaching, separating and reattaching to the AR. A modulator is different from the androgen receptor, but it changes the structure of the androgen receptor, which is what S4 does. Since the structure of the androgen receptor has now changed, it will also change its function. This means that when S4 binds to the androgen receptor and the androgen receptor interacts with testosterone, the S4 chemical forces the androgen receptor to send signals that only stimulate bone and muscle growth. Without S4, when the androgen receptor interacts with testosterone, it stimulates all the effects triggered by testosterone, including good and bad effects. S4 is selective, which means it will try to stimulate the good effects of testosterone.andarine buy - Oasis

The advantage of andarine 

S4 is that it can stimulate the growth of bones and muscles, but does not stimulate the growth of secondary sexual organs such as the prostate. S4 does not interfere with the HDL/LDL ratio, also known as the good cholesterol/bad cholesterol ratio. This means that S4 will not pose any threat to the cardiovascular system. S4 is very selective in stimulating muscle and bone growth. It does not cause the heart to expand or cause damage to nearby organs. More importantly, S4 does not inhibit testosterone levels, which means it is a female-friendly product and does not require the use of PCT.

S4 is not a perfect SARM, which means it has some side effects. One of the most common shortcomings of S4 is that its effect is affected by the law of diminishing returns. This means that there are certain restrictions, and as you increase the dose, your return will decrease. Some users have reported that S4 has caused a yellowish hue to their vision (a dose of 50 mg or more per day has a certain probability, and the common situation is that the color turns yellow when there is insufficient light). Remember, this is not a permanent side effect. Once you stop taking S4, this side effect disappears within a few days as S4 leaves the body.

How long will the effect appear: The effect of S4 is relatively rapid, and if the diet and physical activity are suitable, you will notice the first result after a week of use.

Andarine usage and dosage

For fat reduction, about 50mg per day, for shaping, 50-75mg per day, users gain muscle, more than 75mg per day. Because of the short half-life, it is recommended to supplement it every 4-6 hours.

The use cycle is 30-60 days.