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Tamoxifen of the basic information

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Tamoxifen matters needing attention  

1. Use with caution if the patient has visual impairment or liver or kidney insufficiency before medication.  

2. For patients who take this product for a long time and have the risk of thromboembolism, blood images should be checked regularly during treatment.  If bone metastases are present, blood calcium should be checked regularly at the beginning of treatment.  During long-term treatment with this product for more than 2 years, the liver function should be tested regularly.  tamoxifen bodybuilding supplier - Oasis

3. When abnormal vaginal bleeding occurs, you should see a doctor immediately and have a comprehensive examination.  Medication should be discontinued when there is heavy vaginal bleeding.  

4. Patients treated with this product have an increased risk of endometrial cancer, so careful gynecological examination should be carried out.  

5. Sudden functional ovarian cysts, menorrhagia and irregular uterine bleeding may occur when using this product.  Therefore, if this drug must be used before menopause, anti-gonadotropin drugs should be taken at the same time.  

Tamoxifen adverse reactions  

1, gastrointestinal reactions: loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.  

2, secondary anti-estrogen effect: facial flushing, genital pruritus, menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, increased leucorrhea, vaginal bleeding, etc.  

3, neuropsychiatric symptoms: headache, dizziness, depression and so on.  

4. Long-term use of large doses can cause visual impairment, such as cataracts.  

5, bone marrow suppression: a few patients may have transient leukopenia and thrombocytopenia.  

6. Others: skin rash, hair loss, weight gain, abnormal liver function, etc.  

Tamoxifen usage

1, breast cancer: the effect of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer patients is better.  10 ~ 20mg orally, twice a day.  

2, endometrial cancer: this product has the effect of promoting progesterone receptor level.  Patients with low progesterone receptor level can be treated with progesterone or both at the same time to improve the efficacy.  The general dose is 10 ~ 20mg orally, twice a day.  

Tamoxifen drug interaction  

1. Combination with adriamycin, vincristine, methotrexate, cyclophosphamide, fluorouracil and other anticancer drugs can enhance the activity and efficacy, but attention should be paid to the combined dose.  

2. Concomitant use with phenobarbital can reduce the steady-state plasma concentration of the product.  

3, estrogen can affect the therapeutic effect, should not be used together with estrogen drugs.  

4, antacids, cimetidine, famotidine, ranitidine, etc., can change the pH value in the stomach.  Make the casings of this product decompose in advance and stimulate the stomach.  Therefore, it should be used with the above drugs at an interval of 1 ~ 2h.  

5. Combination with anti-vitamin K drugs can increase the effect of anticoagulant drugs and increase the risk of bleeding, so it is not suitable for use.  

6. The combination with amlumeter will reduce the metabolism of the product and reduce its efficacy.  

7, combined with cyclophosphamide, fluorouracil, methotrexate, can increase the risk of thromboembolism, the combined use must weigh the advantages and disadvantages.  

May increase the blood concentration of cyclosporine.  

9, combined with etoposide can increase the toxicity of the product.  

10. Blood concentration of Letrozole can be reduced by inducing cytochrome P450 enzyme.