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99% Purity Manufacturer High Quality Turinabol for Sales


99% Purity Manufacturer High Quality Turinabol for Sales Turinabol for Sales-OASIS

Product Turinabol
Purity 99%
Application Muscle Building


Turinabol is a potent derivative of Dianabol. This oral steroid is a cross between Dianabol and chlorotiber in structure, has the same base structure as that of vigorously supplementing, and adds the change of chlorotiber. This change makes Turinabol a mild cousin of Dianabol, and the anabolic activity of Turinabol is slightly lower than that of Dianabol, but Turinabol maintains a more favorable balance between anabolic and androgenic effects.

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This steroid can enhance protein synthesis, help cells store nitrogen and cause liver sugar decomposition. Increased protein synthesis means gaining larger muscles. Nitrogen storage rate is very important for all muscle tissues. The nitrogen storage rate of general muscle cells is about 16%. The higher the nitrogen storage rate, the stronger the anabolism ability. On the contrary, when the nitrogen storage rate is low, it will lead to catabolism and loss of muscle. As for the decomposition of liver sugar, it is related to the conversion of glycogen and glucose in the body. By improving the decomposition rate of liver sugar, we can make better use of the ingested carbohydrates. Although the principle is simple, it does not prevent Dianabol from becoming a powerful and effective anabolic steroid.

The relationship with other steroid is another important characteristic of Dianabol. Dianabol is not a steroid used as the basis of circulation, and is relatively suitable as an additive for planning a perfect steroid circulation. Dianabol and other kinds of anabolic steroid can form amazing synergistic effect. For example, if you use 100mg of drugs such as group bolone, Qu taxiandroketone, or baodan ketone every day, when combined with Dianabol, the same effect of the previous 100mg may be produced at a dose of 50mg per day. That is to say, using Dianabol in one cycle will give better effect to other steroid with the same dose.

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