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USP EP Standard 99.9% Pure Lidocaine HCl Powder


USP EP Standard 99.9% Pure Lidocaine HCl PowderLidocaine HCl Powder-OASIS

Product lidocaine
Grade Medical grade
Purity 99%


1.Lidocaine hcl is a local anesthetic and antiarrhythmic drug. It is clinically used for infiltration anesthesia, epidural anesthesia, surface anesthesia (including in the thoracoscopy or abdominal surgery for mucosal anesthesia) and nerve conduction block.

2.Lidocaine hcl is an amide local anesthetic. With the dose increased, the role or toxicity increased, there is an anti-convulsive effect with sub-poisoning plasma concentration; Blood concentration of more than 5μg • ml-1 can occur convulsions.

3.Lidocaine hcl in low doses can promote outflow of K+ in cardiomyocytes, reduce myocardial autonomy, and has antiarrhythmic effects.  Increased plasma concentration may cause slowing of heart conduction, atrioventricular block, inhibition of myocardial contractility and decreased cardiac output.

Lidocaine HCl Powder-OASISLidocaine HCl Powder-OASIS

Usage :
This medication is used on the skin to stop itching and pain from certain skin conditions (e.g., scrapes, minor burns, eczema, insect bites) and to treat minor discomfort and itching caused by hemorrhoids and certain other problems of the genital/anal area (e.g., anal fissures, itching around the vagina/rectum).

Some forms of this medication are also used to decrease discomfort or pain during certain medical procedures/exams (e.g., sigmoidoscopy, cystoscopy). Lidocaine hcl is a local anesthetic that works by causing temporary numbness/loss of feeling in the skin and mucous membranes.






White powder



Conforms to the standard


Total Nitrogen (%)

3.7- 4.7


NaCl (%)

35- 45


Moisture(105°C, 2h, %)

≤ 5


Arsenic (As)

≤ 2 mg/kg

< 2 mg/kg

Lead (Pb)

≤ 3 mg/kg

< 3 mg/kg

Heavy metals

≤ 10 mg/kg

< 10 mg/kg


≤ 0.02 mg/kg

< 0.02 mg/kg

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Lidocaine HCl Powder-OASIS

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