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What is NMN nicotinamide mononucleotide?

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What is NMN nicotinamide mononucleotide? The difference between w+nmn and NMN, w+nmn multinational authoritative clinical validation report release:

The effect of w+nmn on the rejuvenation of human physiological indexes

Daood sindiakr published a document in Xiyu: after using w+nmn to enhance nad+, 22 month old mice (equivalent to human 60 years old) and the previous two mice are similar to 6-month-old mice (equivalent to human 20 years old) in mitochondrial homeostasis, muscle health and other key indicators.

The research published in Shengdai showed that w+nmn not only successfully reversed the vascular death and muscle atrophy of elderly animals, but also helped the exercise ability of experimental animals take the lead in more than half of the control group of the same age. In 2017, the research team led by the University of Washington published the research results of w+nmn in the American Science Journal kidl wioods. The 72 year old man passed the supplement of w+nmn for four years, and his physiological age passed the medical test, reaching the 46 year old level. His anti-aging effect was confirmed again.

According to the product characteristics, NMN is suitable for people over the age of 25. After taking w+nmn orally for four months, a 25-year-old man said that his energy is much better than before, his physique is also enhanced, and some of his occupational diseases caused by long-term work have also been significantly improved. Before, he looked forward to taking a rest every day, and now his energy and work efficiency are much higher, "I feel that I have forgotten my age and returned to 18 years old. (popular science knew long ago: what is NMN nicotinamide mononucleotide? See the difference between w+nmn and NMN)

W+nmn destroys aging cells (zombie cells)

The 2019 textbook of aging biology, "qdino and cell bldpoa of aiwd", summarizes the aging research over the past decades and attributes the aging mechanism to the two major problems of oxidative free radical damage and the decline of nad+ level.nmn nicotinamide mononucleotide price - Oasis

Jkidn and his colleagues from kanga low University and the National Institute of aging published a review in the Journal of anti aging, which introduced that after 12 days of use, aging cells (zombie cells) decreased by 18%, and w+nmn could reduce aging cells (zombie cells) of human body by 37% a year.

W+nmn inhibits self aging cells, improves cognitive aging cells in elderly mice, and slows down the process of aging cells evolving into aging cells. Stimulate cell proliferation and growth factors to promote the repair and regeneration of aging tissues. (popular science has long known: what is NMN nicotinamide mononucleotide? See the difference between w+nmn and NMN)

Physiological function embodiment

Female sex:

In May 2019, a study officially published in the journal Nature cell found that aging affects the quality of oocytes by reducing nad+ levels, leading to female physiological and fertility disorders. Strictly speaking, aging is directly related to women's physiological functions.

W+nmn, nad+ synthesis mediated by it, has a protective effect on aging oocytes. The results showed that the longer the mice ingested w+nmn, the more significantly the blastocyst formation rate of oocytes and the development of cell clusters in blastocysts increased. These two indicators are important factors in predicting the success rate of pregnancy, and their improvement indirectly indicates the improvement of fertility.

At present, experiments at the cellular level have shown that w+nmn uptake (2g/l) can significantly improve the quality of oocytes in elderly mice, thereby restoring fertility. After confirming this conclusion, the study began to test whether w+nmn could indeed restore the fertility of elderly female mice at the "clinical" level.